How was WhistlePig founded?

Like any successful American business, WhistlePig began with a dream. In 2007, Raj Bhakta bought a dilapidated dairy farm in Vermont, and after many sleepless nights spent considering different business ventures, he decided to pursue his love of whiskey. With the help of renowned Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, Raj made the ultimate gamble: investing in 10-year-aged rye whiskey, a spirit that had not yet been rediscovered by the American public.

Raj and Dave curated liquid from the finest aged rye stock available, which was then finished and hand-bottled on the WhistlePig farm. The gamble paid off. Since then, rye whiskey has exploded and WhistlePig has firmly established itself as the country’s premier rye whiskey brand.

Why rye?

We firmly believe that rye holds the greatest potential of all distilling grains. It is a stubborn grain that is not for the faint of heart, however, those who succeed in the tricky distillation process are rewarded with an incomparable flavor profile that is both smooth and complex. Not to mention that rye is America’s original drink – President George Washington was known to distill rye on his Mount Vernon property.

Where did the name “WhistlePig” come from?

Years before Raj dreamt of delivering the world’s finest whiskey, he was hiking in Colorado when a man popped up on the trail repeating, “Could it be a WhistlePig?” in a high-pitched French accent. Raj had no idea what was going on. Some say the man was confused, some say it was a divine intervention, but whatever it was, Raj left knowing that he was going to use that name some day: WhistlePig.

Does WhistlePig have a distillery?

In the fall of 2015, WhistlePig officially opened its distillery on the company farm. With this, we became one of the few whiskey companies to house every aspect of the whiskey making process in one place, from harvesting the rye fields to distilling, barreling, aging, and bottling. This is a major step toward the realization of Founder Raj Bhakta’s dream of transforming the WhistlePig farm into the nation’s premier single-estate, farm-to-bottle rye distillery.

What does “farm-to-bottle” mean?

The heart of the WhistlePig mission is to create whiskey from our own rye grain and our own water, and then age it in our own wood grown right on the farm. This trifecta is called “Triple Terroir,” in which every aspect of creating the whiskey happens on our farm, right up until the moment the liquid is bottled.

Where does your whiskey come from?

Our core objective is to deliver the world’s finest whiskey, and that drives every decision we make as a company. In Canada, we found the best tasting 100% rye, 10-year-aged whiskey, and we are excited and proud to continue providing it to whiskey drinkers and to help keep up with tremendous demand. We are currently distilling rye grain grown on the WhistlePig farm, and we plan to release our own single-estate rye whiskey once it has had time to age. In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to incorporate additional elements from our farm into existing products, including our Vermont Oak barrels used to age our 15 Year expression.

What kinds of whiskey do you sell?

The 10 Year: This is our flagship release – 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double-barrel process. The 10 Year has bold, spicy rye notes that earned a 96-point rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

The Old World Cask Finish: Aged for 12 years, the Old World Cask Finish is the unique product of a carefully selected marriage of Sauternes, Madeira, and Port wine cask finishes. This blending process unites the bold attributes of rye whiskey with the elegance of European casks.

The 15 Year: The 15 Year is finished in custom charred barrels made from Vermont White Oak trees logged right on the WhistlePig farm. Due to harsh winters and a shorter growing season, these trees possess a denser wood grain, creating a nuanced and distinct flavor profile.

The Boss Hog Series: This series is a periodic release of WhistlePig’s biggest and best whiskey. The most recent Boss Hog release, The Independent, is aged for 14 years and limited to 30 barrels. Finished in 250-liter Scotch Hogsheads refitted with American Oak heads, this year’s Boss Hog is fully rye on the front end, and fully Scotch on the finish.

Where can I find WhistlePig near me?

To purchase our premier rye whiskey, check out our online Store Locator:
http://whistlepigwhiskey.com/locator/. We currently distribute in over 25 states (and growing), and we’re constantly updating the Locator with new information – so check back soon. If you still can’t find a nearby location, or if you’re interested in getting WhistlePig overseas, send us a message at info@whistlepigrye.com.

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