The American Dream

A band of dedicated Rye enthusiasts transforms an old dairy farm in to a Whiskey-making paradise.

I started with a dream in 2008 to build a distillery and make a great whiskey on our farm.
Raj Peter Bhakta

Our Vision

Farm To Bottle

We started with a vision: our grain, our water, our wood. This was always the dream. We call it Triple Terroir. We grow the Rye on our farm, age it in barrels made from our oak, and perfect it with water straight from our well. This is our future. We dare you to out-craft this.

Our Start

We Applaud Canada

WhistlePig began when Founder & Chief Steward of the Brand Raj Peter Bhakta purchased the farm in 2007. After a few years of deep consideration and personal reflection he decided to pursue his dream of having an aged Rye Whiskey company. With help from Master Distiller Dave Pickerell they discovered and purchased an incredible stock of blending whiskey in Canada that was being profoundly misused. That initial stock of whiskey, for which we are forever grateful, is what allowed us to pursue our vision of a fully farm to bottle distillery.

Our Grain

Why Rye

There is no more flavorful whiskey than Rye. The bad news? Rye is stubborn and robust. It has spicy character, and a dark, rich flavor. To attain a signature smoothness, rye must be aged longer than other whiskies. Rye isn’t sweet. In fact, it contains less sugar than any other grain. The challenges involved in producing rye whiskey are many. But when handled properly, there is no comparison: the brat rye whiskey, once tamed, emerges from many years in the barrel with the power of a linebacker and the grace of a ballerina. We grow all of our Rye grain right here on our farm.

Our Distillery

Working Overtime

Located in a 150-year-old renovated dairy barn, WhistlePig’s distillery is the culmination of five diligent years. Opened in 2015, we distill 7 days a week in our unique copper pot still designed by world-renowned Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. This momentous undertaking has set the stage for the upcoming release of WhistlePig Triple-Terroir whiskeys in the near future.

Our Wood

Home Grown

Vermont is about as far north as oak trees can grow. The shorter growing seasons leads to oak trees with the tightest rings. Why is this important? When aging whiskey encounters a ring in a barrel it imparts greater flavor, so our custom Vermont Oak barrels bring tremendous depth to our whiskeys. One more reason to love Vermont.

Innovating With Barrels

While rye grain imparts unmatched character to our liquid, much of any whiskey’s flavor comes from time spent in wood. When whiskey is fresh off the still, it is moonshine: clear, colorless, and with little to no odor or flavor. Whiskey’s power and subtlety is born of the cycle of the seasons, nurtured in charred oak barrels. This is why we take extra care in the development of our barrels.  We use a variety of woods and custom developed chars that add complex flavors and depth to our whiskeys.  For example, our 15 year is aged in Vermont Estate Oak featuring a custom #4 char.

Our Farm

Vermont To The Core

Our lives may be centered around the cultivation of our farm’s potential, but there’s much more to the Shoreham story. While we are growing, harvesting, barreling, and bottling our favorite grain, the animals are also being fruitful and multiplying: Mangalitza and Kune Kune pigs, sheep, goats, and horses. We cultivate oats, barley, alfalfa, honey, maple syrup, and an array of vegetables in a rambling garden. A flock of ducks occasionally call the farm home, and each spring and fall we are serenaded by the chorus of migrating songbirds and waterfowl.

Just a few miles from the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, WhistlePig Farm in Shoreham, Vermont embraces more than 1300 acres, fertile in every sense of the word.

The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.
Masanobu Fukuoka
The One-Straw Revolution
Farming Isn't Easy
It takes a lot of sweat and hard work to make whiskey. And even more to farm: There are more than 30 people working around the clock on our farm to bring you the finest whiskey we can make.

Our Principles

Stand For Something

We aren’t in this business just to make a buck. We want to help change the world, and thus we are a mission driven company. Our mission? To give others the same opportunities we have had, to help build farm-based businesses, and thus help grow the American economy. At WhistlePig we are guided by 3 simple principles.

Creating Value

Commitment to quality & people over profits.

Home Grown

Dedication to being farm-based and employee & family-owned.

Paying It Forward

Belief that we should lead by example.

The Progressive Farm Alliance

The Progressive Farm Alliance is a non-profit consortium of small businesses whose mission is to promote value-added agricultural practices and support rural communities. WhistlePig’s support is core component of its mission to help and inspire others to grow the American economy through farm based businesses.

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