The Team

Shelley Buck
Steward of The Brand, Southern California
Shelley Buck

Shelley Buck was born and raised in Hawaii. With a strong background in fine dining, she moved to New York to further study both wine and spirits. While attending classes to become a Sommelier, she tended bar and worked as a wine director. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, she decided to become involved in the distributor side of the industry.

Her next adventure took her to New Zealand where she lived and worked on a farm, which included making wine. At the end of the season, Shelley returned to LA, electing to work for an importer of fine wine and artisanal spirits.

Her passion for WhistlePig was “love at first sip”. Not only was she fortunate in being able to assist in the rising success of the brand in California, she realized that Dave Pickerell was by far the most intriguing producer to work with. She couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the WhistlePig family now.

Shelley is a full time foodie, at home, and on the streets. She is a singer, and is in the process of putting her band back together. Friends say she truly embodies the “Aloha Spirit”, has a positive outlook on life, and inspires those who come across her path.