The Team

Michael M. Hodge
Chief of Sales, Western Region
Michael M. Hodge

Michael’s childhood was just like any others’. Born in a lumberyard, Michael learned at an early age the value of hard work. He mastered cutting techniques with the hatchet, axe, double sided axe, halberd, and chainsaw by the tender age of 4. By his sixth birthday, he could fell a tree as fast as a full grown man and, by 8, lumberjacks 50 years his senior came to him for advice on both woodwork and life.

     Unfortunately, his idyllic childhood was thrown into turmoil when his lumberyard burned down from a fire, sparked by a mischievous squirrel. Forced to chop his way out of three separate burning buildings, Michael was left to the wilderness with nothing but his wit, hatchet, and the ample hair on his back. At the brink of starvation, he was saved by a cave bear who taught him the survival instincts for which Michael Hodge is renown. Fortified by the milk of the last living cave bear, Michael grew into the man that we know today.
    Michael went on to refine his rougher edges at a premier New England liberal arts college in Vermont. Upon witnessing firsthand the enfeeblement of the modern man, Michael determined that he could make the greatest difference by evangelizing a truly superior rye whiskey, an elixir known to make the weak-kneed strong, and the weak minded sharp. When he isn’t preaching the ‘Pig, Michael can be found running a clinic for the US Marine Corp on bravery, and teaching ice dance for the hit TV show, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.